69 position. Tasty and juicy Licks with a close-Up View.

A must Extra you will want to add on to your Full Services standard session - to be able to better understand your selected lady.

How to 69

This is absolutely a must position to fully understand a lady. Doing 69 and blowing/licking in rhythm with each other would, indulge in each other's sexual excitement. Open her lips up, slowly lick her on the outside lips in a slow circular clockwise then anti-clockwise movement (this may make her up crazy with desire). And then lick her up and down to lift her into an even higher state of arousal.

Sometimes, just try to write alphabetic letters on her clitoris to make things unpredictable. This should arouse her and have her wanting more of you. She may blow you harder and better. To taste and drink her juices is so good, it is a reward in itself.

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